​Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co. continues the tradition by introducing a new line of innovative, cool and colorful tools of expression for all the curious minds out there. To make things more exciting, we teamed up with creative minds and artists from around the world, and gave them complete freedom to express their creativity. We were curious to see their unique perspective because that is the essence of who we are! The artwork can be found on our current collection lines, and will be seen on our growing list of products, such as calligraphy sets and other art supplies.

Let’s write the future together!

  • Dennis Eriksson
    Graduated from Konstfack Collage in Stockholm and RISD in Providence, RI
    One of Sweden’s most well known illustrators and has a truly unique style
  • Tanya Azarchik
    Graduated from Academy of Art in Graphic Design in Minsk, Belarus.
    Illustrated and designed multiple children’s book published worldwide
  • Jill De Haan
    Lettering and illustrator from Utah
    Loves exploring different mediums
  • Ery Burns
    Artist and illustrator based near Bristol, England
    Vivid illustrations have been used across media in advertising, fashion, and print
  • Libby VanderPloeg
    Illustrator and designer living and working in Brooklyn
    Her work comes out of affinity for storytelling, music and wildlife
  • Fernando Volken Togni
    Brazilian-born illustrator based in London
    Passion for geometric shapes and lines